What We Do


LADYBUSINESS is a program designed to enhance the lives of women.

Many women in East Africa do not have the means to purchase or simply don't have access to feminine hygiene. This results in girls not going to school during their cycle and using unsafe items.

1 out of 5 girls in East Africa will dropout of school because of their period.

Our program teaches girls how to make their own reusable cloth pads, take charge of their bodies, helps reduce the dropout rate in school, and provides entrepreneurship for women! 

Are you a nonprofit working in areas where women need hygienic solutions? Contact Feed Our Nations to schedule a workshop and we'll teach you- to teach them! 



Our goal by the end of 2017 is to break ground for our 'guesthouses'. These homes will be run and operated by local communities and serve as micro hotels.

Local merchants, abroad travelers, NGO's, and Feed Our Nations will be able to rent the guesthouses while working or traveling into the area. Currently in Gambella, Ethiopia- small hotels exist but none that offer a full range of services. We will enable travelers with translators, food, water, and security.

The featured image is an example of the very beginning stages of a construction in the area. Feed Our Nations has not yet begun breaking ground but is providing an example for our supporters to visualize. Our guesthouses will vary in size and will house 8-12 people.

The build is traditional hut homes on a larger scale, enclosed with fencing. Not only do our guesthouses provide safe travel, but  a continued income for our ambassadors who will manage and operate the facility.

100% of the income from the guesthouses will go directly to the local community operating them.

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Small Business

In December 2015, Feed Our Nations was able to start six small farmers market businesses in Gambella, Ethiopia.

Our goal is to continue helping these small businesses grow and enable more members of the community to develop businesses of their own.

Having a small business won't just impact one individual, it impacts an entire family ranging in sizes of 4-10.

Help us develop more businesses and donate now! $300 can buy the beginning items to sell at market.

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Our current education program is in focused in Konday, South Sudan.

Roughly 400 children live in the village.

Konday has a building to provide education, but supply needs are critical. 

Children are without books and teachers without basic supplies to instruct the children.

Our goal is to supply the school with educational books and writing utensils for every child and provide teachers with the proper tools to continue educating.

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Farming is the main means to obtain food for those living in Konday, South Sudan.

Feed Our Nations goal for 2016 is to replenish Konday's entire supply of farming tools.

Fishing nets, fishing hooks, spears, axes, machetes, pots and pans, knives, kettles, cows,  and chickens are some of the basic tools and animals needed to enhance the means to farm and cultivate in the area.

The land is rich with minerals and marshlands abundant.

We aim to give access back to Konday to take control of their farms and have a plentiful diet!